28 Sep 2016

WTI researcher teaches and attends workshop in Chile

From 5 to 10 September, Christian Häberli visited Chile within the framework of the WTI/SECO Project where he taught a module on Trade in Agriculture at the University of Chile’s Institute of International Studies (IEI) in Santiago. He was teaching on the Master in International Strategy and Trade Policy programme offered by WTI’s partner Institution.

During his stay, Dr Häberli also participated in a workshop on ‘Food safety, food security and trade’ on 5 and 7 September, which brought together distinguished speakers, both Chilean and foreign, and attracted a large number of participants from different disciplines. In addition, he met with officials from the government and from ECLAC (United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) and gave a presentation on obesity prevention vs trade rules at the Regional FAO Office.

The workshop was organised within the SECO project to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge about the relationship between quality requirements and food safety, and sectoral trade.

In addition to Dr Häberli, the main speakers included Professor Sofia Boza of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and the IEI, and the International Consultant for FAO Colombia and professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology University San Sebastián, Rodolfo Rivers.

The workshop brought together a large number of attendees from different disciplines, mainly agronomists, veterinarians and food engineers; both academia and the public and private sector.

The main conclusions reached were that issues of food safety and quality must be addressed from an interdisciplinary perspective since they affect not only technical issues related to veterinary, agricultural and food sciences, but also have economic, legal and policy implications. Another conclusion was that while safety and quality are essential aspects of food security, there are other aspects too, and it is important to maintain a balance.