1 Feb 2017

WTI holds SECO steering committee meeting and workshop

Representatives of all five countries involved in the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs/World Trade Institute Academic Cooperation Project participated in a steering committee meeting and workshop at the WTI on 23 and 24 January.

The annual meeting began with project reports from the partner institutions in Peru, South Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia and Chile.

These were followed by remarks on project implementation and post-project sustainability by Monica Rubiolo, Head of Trade Promotion, Economic Cooperation and Development at SECO, and a stocktaking involving all delegates.

The meeting came at the end of the final year of the second phase of the SECO/WTI project and was a chance to take stock of what the project has accomplished in seven years of implementation.

An open discussion at the close of the first day assessed the efforts taken or foreseen by partner institutions to ensure the financial sustainability of activities initiated under the project.

The workshop on 24 January included selected presentations of ongoing research in partner institutions, with comments by WTI faculty and researchers and Q & A sessions involving PhD and master’s programme students.

Presentations were given by Michelle Limenta, UPH (Disabling Labelling: The WTO Consistency of the Indonesian Mandatory Halal Labelling Law”), Clarence Siziba, Mandela Institute (Trade Dispute Settlement in the Tripartite Free Trade Area) and Jacqueline Morillo, Chile (Orientation of Latin American Trade Policy).

The partner institutions are Foreign Trade University, Vietnam; the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru; the Mandela Institute, South Africa; University of Pelita Harapan, Indonesia; and the University of Chile.