Hryhorii Kalachyhin

Kalachyhin, Hryhorii

Hryhorii was born and grew up in Ukraine. Most of his academic career is linked with HSE University in Moscow, where he got his first Master’s in ‘World Economy”. But, for now, Hryhorii decided to have a fresh start – WTI and MILE are the perfect way to do that. His primary interest lies in law courses, as the law is a bottleneck of his competencies.

Hryhorii has relevant experience in academic, administrative, and teaching spheres. For the last five years, Hryhorii has held a research position (Research Assistant and Junior Research Fellow) in the Centre for Comprehensive European and International Studies (CCEIS) at HSE University. There he participated in various projects related to the international economy and international relations, such as integration processes in Eurasia, US-China decoupling, the development of the Russian Far East, and the Russian “Pivot to the East” policy, etc. In addition, for the last few years, Hryhorii has taught some international economics courses, such as ‘Introduction to International Trade’ for high school students, and workshops in English on ‘International Economic Affairs’ for undergraduates.

His research interests lie in regional integration, especially RTA networks, their features, and outcomes for participants. Hryhorii already has a few expert and academic articles dedicated to EAEU integration, its stumbling blocks, and what can be done to improve it. At MILE, Hryhorii plans to explore EU trade policy, its experience with RTA network formation, and its effects.

Hryhorii enjoys reading, especially Terry Pratchett’s books (because they satirize many flaws of this world), and playing basketball.