Urshila Samant

Samant, Urshila

World Trade Institute

Urshila Samant is an India trained Lawyer and presently a candidate of the TRAIL+ program at the WTI. Before joining WTI, she graduated from the Government Law College in Mumbai with a Bachelor’s degree in Law.

Throughout her years at law school, Urshila actively participated in numerous co-curricular activities to broaden her understanding of International Law. Most prominently, she participated in the John H. Jackson International Moot Court Competition, the premier moot in the field of WTO Law. Having won the World Rounds of the prestigious competition in addition to being adjudged the Best Orator in the grand final, Urshila was awarded a full tuition waiver to pursue her studies at the World Trade Institute. Additionally, she has participated in the Foreign Direct Investment Moot in the field of Investor State dispute resolution and continues to coach teams from her country in subsequent editions of both competitions.

Along with her undergraduate studies, Urshila has also undertaken internships at various organizations – from research centers in the field of trade and investment law to law firms, in both the corporate and litigating teams. Having discovered her interest in the field of international economic law and policy in her 3rd year of law school, Urshila chose to pursue the intensive TRAIL+ program at the WTI to further enhance her understanding of the regulatory framework of international trade, investment, and the complex economic realities within which they work. Through the knowledge she gains through this experience, Urshila hopes to impact real positive change by mobilizing the existential guarantee of international trade as a tool to better ends.

Outside of her professional endeavours, Urshila is a practioner of Krav Maga and enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, running and sports. She also enjoys exploring new places and cultures, primarily through food and travel.