Manshuk Sarkulova

MILE 23 (part time)
World Trade Institute

Manshuk was raised in Kazakhstan and after high school graduation she has lived dozens of places around the globe.  Studies and work have taken her to the US, Russia, UAE, Sudan, DRC and to Switzerland.  Having worked in multinational companies and in the United Nations, she has developed her mastery in procurement in both public and private sectors at the global level. She is proud of serving in the United Nations Peacekeeping Missions by supporting mission operations and believes that there is a lot of work waiting for her in the field.

Now, being inspired by ITC's mission is to enhance inclusive and sustainable growth and development in developing countries, especially least developed countries, through improving the international competitiveness of MSMEs, Manshuk decided to pursue MILE program as a part time student in WTI. She understands that the world is very dynamic, and changes are inevitable. She is eager to research the world of trade and to contribute to the change for better in the developing and, especially least developed countries.

Manshuk is fluent in Russian and English and speaks French. She is passionate about arts, sports and travel. She is a proud mother of 9-year-old judoka.