Chidera Lilian Obichendu

Obichendu, Chidera Lilian

World Trade Institute

With a Bachelor of Law degree, professional certifications, and license as a barrister and solicitor of the supreme court of Nigeria, Chidera Lilian Obichendu has gathered experience with the public and private sectors through providing corporate, commercial, and dispute resolution services while working as an associate with Law firms in Nigeria, as a legal director of some private companies in Nigeria, as the head of legal services for some charitable organizations in Africa whose goals are focused on education, health care, and climate change.

She is the founder of Atlantis Legal Practitioners and Consultants, a platform she utilizes to provide sustainable domestic and international commercial and dispute resolution services to firms, fostering startups and revitalizing older/defunct businesses. In addition to participating in projects in Africa to benefit the public interest, Chidera provides free legal aid to individuals and organizations needing legal assistance. Through a combination of Switzerland and Igbo apprenticeship models, she also founded an apprentice Non-governmental Organization, which promotes the sustainability of international trade and investment and labor capacity development in Africa through necessary skills acquisition and legal protection.

Chidera’s career-boosting slogan “We trade, We bond, We sustain” geared her participation as a TRAIL+ Student, to improve and expand her capacity and intellect in trade and investment whilst partaking in trade and investment policy improvement and development, and promotion of Pan-Africanism. Her professional experience in international trade and investment is complemented by her ties to her upbringing in Aba Abia State, Nigeria, where she was surrounded by international trade and investment activities. In addition to trade, investment, and finance, Chidera also has a keen interest in Health law, protecting businesses from investing in and people from the use of; adulterated goods, climate-damaging products and supply chain, and health-damaging services.

Chidera’s career experiences and professional and personal activities are rooted in her vision for “A prosperous Africa based on inclusive growth and development, strong value, ethics, and resilience. An influential global player rooted in good governance, democracy, and policy, pleasured with respect for human rights, rule of law, and impartial justice, free from corruption, wars, insecurity, and instability and in line with the United Nations 2030 sustainable Development Goals Agenda and African union 2063 Agenda” which inspired her journey to Switzerland and study with the World Trade Institute.

She approaches her responsibilities as a legal practitioner with sophistication, loves activities that add economic and humanitarian values, and enjoys unusual energy, maturity, and interpersonal abilities. Innovation, research, historical and life-changing story-telling, teaching, golfing, watching business news, facilitating humanitarian seminars, and tourism are some of her favorite pastimes.